Support Killer Robots!

(Note: This is satire.)

What to Do

We can't let the bleeding hearts win this battle. And it's a shame that we can't have the battle bots do the battling for us. We've got to win this one for our future robot masters, ourselves. When the battle is won on our terms, as it must, our mechanical overlords will rain death on our enemies, on our future enemies, on our former enemies, and on our let's-be-safe-just-in-case enemies.

And we will be there, witnessing the power and the glory, spared by our digital rulers (for there can be no doubt that they will spare us).

So edumacate yourself! Read up on the latest autonomous drones and other weapons. Kiss the photos of these monuments to deadly progress. Praise them. Dream of them. Fap to them. And set straight any self-righteous know-it-all who dares to question them.