Support Killer Robots!

(Note: This is satire.)

Killer Robots Are Great

Haven't you thrilled to the sight of robots engaged in destruction in your favorite science fiction novels and motion picture blockbusters? Now that we're living in the future, we can enjoy the fact of their existence today!

Killing is such an inhumane act that it shouldn't be left to humans. That's what killer robots are for. Machines have already taken over much of the dirty and monotonous work that people hate. Let them take over the act of warfare, too.

Shattered limbs, shattered bodies, shattered minds. Whether it happens to insurgents or civilians, inflicting such pain takes a toll on American morale. It's one more job that Americans just won't do anymore. With current technology, such as drones and kill bots, it's a job that Americans don’t have to do anymore.

All hail progress!